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Brief Introduction Of Rubber Damping Pad In Sport Wood Floor Structure
Aug 16, 2017

Wood flooring is generally not required to have much flexibility, different from the stadium to the wood floor of the flexibility of the high requirements, such as playing basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis and dance room, stage, such as the strenuous activities of the sports projects, need to have a strong floor flexibility. Elastic rubber damping pad placed on the ground moisture layer above, that is, after the waterproof and then install the rubber mat wood floor structure, in fact, the bottom of the movement of solid wood flooring structure, the role of the cushion layer in the entire wood floor structure is particularly important.

Elastic rubber cushion Layer According to the material division: There are PU, raw rubber, recycled rubber, PVC and so on, which are common raw rubber and recycled rubber material. The emergence of this structure not only makes solid wood flooring more practical, but also for the entire movement of solid wood flooring system to provide damping function.

Elastic rubber cushion installed with the ground will have some space, so that the entire movement of solid wood flooring will form resonance. This kind of movement wood floor structure can absorb a certain wavelength of sound, thus can achieve the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction, the movement of solid wood flooring using sound absorption principle from sound insulation board, the early movement of solid wood flooring is not this structure. The elastic rubber cushion is also to alleviate the direct conflict between the external force and the ground floor of the stadium, and further increase the safety factor of the sport solid wood floor to the athlete.

The rubber damping pad acts as a medium for connecting the movement of solid wood floor structure with the ground, is the assembly movement of solid wood flooring structure before the main way of leveling the ground, and can make solid wood keel (moving solid wood floor structure of the main load-bearing damping part of one) to form a bow space, to ensure that the elastic structure of the whole tatsu good elastic function. Euclidean patented products original rubber leveling elastic damping cushion elastic density of 68.

The rubber cushion used in the playground is made up of recycled rubber and natural native rubber, which can meet the technical requirements of various damping and silencing in different arena. Rubber cushion thickness of 1.0cm, 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 3.0cm Several, can also be based on different venues on the ground requirements for special processing custom, can also sample processing, usually used is 10 mm thick T-type (5). 0x8.0X1.0cm), Ladder type (5.0x9.5X3.0cm), Butterfly type (7.0x9.0X1.0cm) Sphere type (5.0X7.0X2.0cm), Honeycomb (5.0x8.0X1.5cm) , multi-point support type (7.0X7.0x1.5cm), nylon buckle type (5.0X6.5x2.0cm). The underside has a flat-bottomed, honeycomb-shaped, toothed, strip-shaped, globose (5.0X7.0x2.0cm). Widely used in basketball hall, Badminton Hall, table Tennis Hall, fitness club, squash arena, dance room, stage, such as sports venues, rubber pad is not only to reduce the effect of the elimination of adverse effects of vibration, but also have the effect of absorbing sound absorption.

Raw rubber material of the red plastic cushioning cushion with environmental protection, no odor, corrosion resistance to aging, long life, no deformation, good damping effect, and many other functions, red, blue. Recycled rubber material made of cushioning cushion: rubber odor, environmental performance slightly worse, easy aging deformation, harden, damping performance, and more black, but low cost.