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Common Knowledge Of Artificial Grass Carpet
Jul 18, 2018

Common knowledge of artificial grass carpet

1.       What is the false grass material?

The material of fake grass is generally PE(polyethylene),PP(polypropylene),PA(nylon).

Polyethylene(PE) is good performance,widely accepted by public.

Polyproylene(PP): grass fiber is hard,suitable for tennis court,basketball court,etc.

PA(Nylon) is expensive,mainly use in golf and other high-end venues


2.       How long does the service life for artificial turf?

The service life of fake turf is related to the duration of exercise,the intensity of exercise and the ultraviolet rays of sunshine. Different areas and different use time will affect the service life of artificial turf. Therefore, the service life of putting greens is affected by many factors and the service life is different. The average Tidesun imitation grass has a service life of about 6-8 years.

3.       What accessories are needed for synthetic turf installation in the football field?Do these accessories need for any artificial green grass?

Artificial turf accessories include glue, joint tape, white line, rubber granules, quartz sand, etc.; however, it is not necessary to all artificial grass. Usually, artificial garden grass only needs glue and joint tape, and black granules or quartz sand are not needed.


4.       How to clean artificial grass lawn?

If it’s simply floating dust, the natural rain can be cleaned.You just need to clean up the trash and keep the turf artificial grass clean.


5.       What is the gauge of fake grass mat?

The gauge is the distance between two adjacent lines usually using “inch” as unit.The usual gauge for artificial grass tile is 3/4”,3/8”,5/8”,3/16”,1/2”.


6.       What is the Dtex?

Dtex is the weight of 10000 meters of grass fiber.The largere the coefficient, the heavier the weight and the better the quality.


7.       What is stitch?

Stitch is the number of stitch per meter of tufting. Calculated in 10 needles/10cm, then 100 needles per meter.The same stitch, the greater the number of stitches, the greater the density of the artificial grass for lawns.