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Cut Grass, Water, Fertilize And Pests All Stand By The Side! Vancouver Residents Favor Artificial Grass
May 22, 2018

In the past ten years, the lifestyle and pace of Vancouver's citizens have constantly changed. Many citizens who live in single-family homes, because of their age, do not have physical strength to take care of the gardens, and some are busy office workers and have no time to deal with gardening. In the summer, grass care, watering, and fertilizing are increasingly burdensome. To reduce annoyance, some homeowners will hire horticultural experts to take care of it. However, it has become a new trend to change the garden to artificial turf.

There are many advantages to laying fake grass. Not only is it easy to take care of it, but when interviewed by reporters, it was discovered that artificial grassland can effectively prevent the European Chafer Beetle from sweeping the grasslands in recent years and say no to the pests!

The benefits of fake turf are growing 

The reporter visited the LG Lawns artificial turf company in Burnaby. The person in charge, Bobby, recalled that the company had started operations in 2010 and it has been eight years since. “We can say that it was the first company to provide artificial turf, because there is indeed demand in the market. In recent years, the company’s sales have continued to rise, with an increase of 25% to 35%. These artificial grasses, also known as artificial grass, have anti-aging and sun protection. , Waterproof, non-slip, wearable, with comfortable foot, bright color, long service life, the most important is no need to spend time and a lot of money to maintenance, is an all-weather artificial turf.”

Bobby said that everyone can look at real artificial grass and make choices, or consult a professional to make the most appropriate decision. 

The reporter asked curiously, "Inhabiting Canada, most people want to have a natural environment and a large grassy grassland. Why should we replace the real turf with a fake artificial turf?"

Bobby admits there are several reasons. The first is that the lifestyle of Vancouver residents has changed. Older people cannot cut grass and manage grass because of physical and health reasons. Young couples have to take care of their children after they go out to work during the day and return home. Therefore, they do not have time for maintenance. In fact, to take care of a healthy and beautiful grassland, it takes a lot of effort and time, such as cutting, watering, fertilizing and maintaining, often adding nutrient solution and insect repellent to keep the grass from turning yellow or dry, green and evergreen. .

The staff showed the correct way to lay the grass on their own at the Vancouver Home Show. She pointed out that the earth was removed about 5 inches (12.7 cm) from the earth and poured into hard sand to secure the ground before artificial grass could be laid. 

In addition, in the past decade, European beetle bugs have severely damaged the grasslands, leaving residents in Vancouver with a headache. Gardens and meadows are often invaded by beetles, attracting larvae-catching animals such as crows, skunks and raccoons, all day long to overturn the soil and destroy the grassy soil. For once and for all, many homeowners will simply replace the artificial grass, replace the original natural grassland, and no longer worry about pests. Finally, because some people are sensitive to insect repellents and grassy nutrient fluids, they are worried about adverse effects on the body and there is no worry when they are replaced. 

Place a draining net between the artificial turf and the platform to increase the drainage capacity of the artificial turf. 

Artificial turf must be tiled on a flat surface or on a hard sandy surface. Otherwise, waves will appear. 

Bobby said: “There are many benefits to replacing artificial turf. It does not take a lot of time to care for the lawn. On weekends, we have time to meet with family and friends, play with children and pets, and share family happiness. Now we have a new artificial turf. It's soft, it doesn't stain your clothes and it's great for children to play in. In addition, a beautiful green meadow will greatly increase the value of the home. Due to technological advances over the past decade, artificial grass looks realistic and improves softness. In addition to the front and back gardens of a single-family home, in fact, in recent years, many commercial building platforms, rooftops, and some units’ terraces have been selected for artificial turf to beautify the environment.Some lawns are more suitable for small dogs and some of them are more suitable for small dogs. It is soft and suitable for children to play.

Some people may worry that the laying of artificial turf is costly, Bobby explained: “The average living apartment or urban house has a small garden area. The owner can purchase different types of artificial turf and DIY. If you want to lay a large area of lawn, the owner It is necessary to dig out the earth, at least 5 inches (12.7 cm), and then pour the hard sand to consolidate the ground, gravel and hydrophobic foundation, and finally artificial grass can be laid. If the foundation is not well laid, stabilize the layer, do the drainage well. In the future, it is suggested that these projects will be replaced by professionals and that the company will have maintenance. The owner can contact the experts to check the area and the slope of the lawn after the study. In principle, it can be laid all year round, but winter is too cold, and snow and mud on the ground are not suitable for ice, and should be avoided in heavy summer rains."

For the replacement of the original grassland into an artificial turf, Bobby admitted that if the owner did not own a new home, the owner already owns and resides in the property, and it is generally not a problem to replace it within the house. However, if it is a new house or is under construction, he reminds the owner of the need to go to the municipal government to inquire or apply