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How To Build Quality Artificial Pasture Land
Aug 16, 2017

The structure of sport-type artificial grass consists of three parts, grass wire, bottom and glue. and domestic manufacturers of raw materials used in grass silk mainly divided into domestic and imported two kinds. Generally speaking, the performance and quality of imported grass silk is better than domestic grass silk, but because of the high price, there are only a few joint-venture manufacturers in China. Many users often think that the use of good raw materials of grass silk will certainly be able to build a good playground. On this issue, we visited the national standard drafting group Meng professor.

Professor Meng pointed out that from the import of grass silk itself, the performance and quality are not the same, but from the establishment of a good stadium to see, it is not simply the raw material of grass silk to determine this factor. Objectively speaking, the good and bad of an artificial grass course is decided by the whole "artificial grass system engineering".

In addition to grass silk raw materials, the stadium's good and bad also by the artificial grass bottom quality, product production technology, Stadium Foundation, laying technology, after-sales service and other aspects of the joint decision.

Therefore, one-sided pursuit or designation of grass silk is produced by a well-known foreign manufacturers of this view is wrong, and should be comprehensively considered. At present, the domestic manufacturers have this strength, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Hockey training field---Beijing LU City Sports Technical School venues, is a man-made grass joint venture in China to win over a number of foreign brands and won the bid, relying on the entire "man-made grass systems engineering" comprehensive strength.

In order to make the majority of users in the process of building the site, can make the right decision, the following for everyone to introduce the impact of artificial pasture important important quality links: first, the standard construction and installation process

1. Before entering the construction, the smoothness, the slope and the surface perception of the foundation are tested, and the dressing measures and requirements are put forward, which can be entered into the construction after the requirement is reached

2. Put the line (measurement), find the center point of the site and two semicircular center, and according to the three positioning point pull line, set out the center line and the edge intersection, and then to the Pythagorean theorem to set out the site of the corner points, lines of the exact position, and then set out each function point, line position, and with ink or paint line pop-up.

3. The grass is moved into the site along the transverse direction, and in turn by one end of the longitudinal edge to the other end. When spread out, as far as possible to make the white lines woven on the turf in the functional line position, reduce the number of cutting.

4. Cut the white grass thread that is woven on the outside of the turf and not placed in the functional line position, put aside for use, if the white line is woven separately, it must be manually cut into the corresponding width of the field function line of the white underlined bar.

5. The green turf of the joints of the 1 cm, with a grass-cutting knife from the center of the lap cut, so that the two sides of the turf as close as possible, and then cut paper knife to trim.

6. Turn the bottom of the grass at the seams each side of the lawn to turn the width of about 40 centimeters, and then 25 cm wide connection belt along the grass seam in the middle of the spread, will be dedicated glue brushing at the bottom of the turf joint and the connection belt, turf joints gelatinize brush brushing, brush glue width of 6 cm. The connecting belt is evenly coated with a rubber scraper on the connection belt. In order to achieve the best adhesion effect, before using the glue liquid fully stirred or will be reversed several times, so that the glue mixture evenly. When brushing in the same direction gelatinize, in order to facilitate the air and improve the uniformity of gelatinize, enhance adhesion. Drying: After the glue and so on natural volatile, gelatinize must be dry after a period of time, to be solvent volatile clean, lest the adhesive layer sticky or produce bubble, affect bonding quality. The drying time also should not be too long, lest the glue layer loses stickiness and produces degumming. The adhesive layer is dry film (about 5-25 minutes, 25 ℃) can be bonded. The turf on both sides of the bonding should be aligned at one time and glued to the connecting belt (if stitching is found in a large gap, can be in the gap transverse 2-5 cm position, along the longitudinal direction cut open together, to the interface, to ensure that the appearance of beauty), and the need to pressure compaction, so that the bonding part of bonding tightly, do not move back and forth, so as not to affect the bonding effect. If the turf or connection is damp, dry for half a day.

7. After the basic splicing of the turf, once again pull out each function line, point of the exact position to cut the paper knife, cut off the grass strips, will join the tape, scraping glue, the original prepared white grass line back, bonded, with a rubber hammer repeatedly beat, in order to connect the part of the bond close. In the corner line and other narrow areas of the difficulty of painting arc, you can cut the whole corner area, cutting into small pieces and put back together.

8. When the turf is paved and spliced, the folds on the turf need to be opened with a paper cutter, straightened, cut off the overlapping portions, and then bonded.

9. After completing the turf paving of the whole site, recheck the site size and function line with steel tape.

10. After finishing the turf, the imported sand injection machine was used to inject sand and glue particles. The order of filling is: the bottom layer is quartz sand, and the surface is rubber particle. After the completion of the quartz sand, brush the grass with the import of the lawn combed the fiber each time, the rubber particles filled, and then combed 1 times (if the artificial grass for the straight mixed products, excipients filling order: rubber particles → quartz sand → rubber particles, three times filled)

11. After the completion of the work, according to the quality requirements of the artificial grass surface testing, the unqualified place for rectification.

12. Completion and acceptance.