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How To Cleaning Of Plastic Running Track
Jan 10, 2019

Remove all damaged plastic layers where there is a gap in the surface of the runway. If the crack is large, the removal area should be 20cm or more. If there is a height difference in the crack, it is necessary to enlarge the removal area to 50cm or more.

In order to ensure the quality of the plastic surface layer, the base surface must be thoroughly cleaned to facilitate the full adhesion of the polyurethane and the thickness of the plastic surface layer.

Dirt: The broom is blown clean with a hair dryer;

Stronger projection: use a blade to remove and clean;

Soil: rinse with high pressure water dragon;

Miscellaneous items around the PU running track: Large trees or deciduous plants need to be lightly shaken to accelerate the leaves and clear them in advance, and as far as possible, there is no wind around them to blow debris; close the construction work surface to minimize pedestrian access.