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How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Sports On Artificial Grass Turf?
Sep 17, 2018

How to deal with the side effects of sports on artificial grass?

With the development of the sports industry and the importance of football competitions, there is a football fever around the world. There are many football venues around the city, including natural lawn football fields and artificial turf football fields, of which artificial turf sites account for more than 80%. Natural turf field only accounts for about 20%. Why is the artificial turf football field the first choice for amateur football players? First, because the natural turf site is difficult to maintain; the second is because the artificial turf site is more convenient. With the increase in artificial turf football pitches, there will be some side effects.


The term "side effects" as used herein refers to the side effects of the venue on athletes. Those who often play on artificial turf fields should have a better understanding of this kind of venue. On the artificial turf field, the movement feels more difficult than the natural turf field, so the player is often injured or cramped due to lack of physical strength. Why do you think the artificial turf field is more difficult? First, the foundation of  artificial turf grass field is made of cement or asphalt, which is relatively hard. In addition, it is because of the filler. Artificial turf is generally filled with rubber particles as a filler to simulate the soil, but the natural turf is better than the cushioning and softness.

Then how to deal with the side effects of artificial grass fields? The warm-up exercise before the first game is necessary; many people are not accustomed to warm-up exercises, playing directly, especially amateur football players lack this aspect of awareness. This also greatly increases the risk of injury, because of the site buffer relationship, it is easy to cause injury to the knee and ankle joints. Therefore, it is very necessary to warm up before the game to reduce the risk of injury on the artificial lawn.

Second: choose the football shoes competition suitable for artificial turf; the most suitable stud for wearing on artificial turf is TF, because it has good slip resistance and short studs. It is very suitable for sports wear in this kind of venue. The right football shoes are also an important measure to reduce the chance of injury.