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How To Repair Stagnant Water In Silicon PU Stadium?
Nov 14, 2018

How to repair stagnant water in silicon PU stadium?


The silicon PU sport fields has a special surface layer--hardened medium-strength belt, and has a certain coefficient of friction. It has a high rebound elastic layer with a certain thickness and a thickness standard of 3 mm or more. Therefore, if there is water accumulated after the ground treatment, it needs to be repaired. Firstly, the water application primer should be evenly applied. The elastic layer material with a water depth of more than 5 mm should be added with an appropriate amount of rubber powder or quartz sand (elastic layer: glue Powder = 1:0.3), the amount of addition should not exceed 30%, evenly mixed and scraped with water on the scraper. It is recommended that the thickness of each layer not exceed 3mm, less than 2mm can be directly repaired with elastic layer material, and pure When the silicone PU elastic layer material is used, it is recommended that the thickness of each layer be no more than 2 mm.

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