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Night Running Is No Longer Afraid, Shanghai's First Luminous Running Track Came!
Mar 22, 2018

The "fluorescent water-based paint" was added to the colored asphalt concrete on which the running track was laid. After being exposed to sunlight, the running track would fluoresce at night and the light emission time could be up to 8 hours.


Recently, Shanghai’s first running track, which glowed at night, appeared in the Minhang District. Located on both sides of Lotus South Road near the Mantianxing Plaza in Wujing Town, this blue road, which resembles the "galaxy", attracts surrounding residents to stop and take a look. Although the road is only 50 meters long visually, under the night, the blue fluorescence emitted is very eye-catching.


This fluorescent running track adopts the most advanced fluorescent road paving technology in the country. During the construction process, colored asphalt concrete and fluorescent water-based paints were paved. The basic principle is that the fluorescent powder is irradiated by sunlight during the day and the fluorescent light is emitted at night. The feature is that by actively producing a non-glare diffuse fluorescence, the entire road surface is illuminated to achieve self-illumination of the road surface. Its material is a kind of special effect resin particles, which can meet the performance requirements of the basic pavement materials, especially the adhesion and anti-abrasion performance is better. After passing the sunshine, the longest luminous time can reach 8 hours.


However, one of the disadvantages of such a fluorescent track is that if the sky is cloudy or rainy, it cannot receive the sun's light, and it cannot send a dreamy blue light at night.


Therefore, if you want to see the most beautiful moment of the fluorescent running track, it is best not to go in cloudy or rainy days, that will make yourself disappointed. Instead, choose a sunny weather, it is best to catch an hour after the sun goes down to see, you can see a dream of light blue.


Looked during the day, this running track is light blue.


In addition to bright colors, nothing seems special.


But as soon as it was dark, the running track would shine.


The fluorescent material emits blue faint light.


Walking on such a track at night, is there any sense of dream?


If this kind of running track is promoted, the night runners will no longer have to worry about not seeing the road.