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Plastic Running Track Project $7.7 Million! The Company In USA Have Taken Over The Super Single
May 10, 2018

The Arlington School District, located in northern Texas, is a public school district with a total of 62,000 students. Recently, the Arlington School District finalized Hellas Engineering Company to install new running track for several junior high schools and refurbish the old runways.


According to reports, some schools in the school district have only rugby courts and no runways. Hellas will re-plan the course for these schools in order to make room for 4 lanes.


Hellas's plastic track system epiQ Tracks S200 is IAAF certified and uses environmentally friendly non-toxic polyurethane.


Hellas is a one-stop service provider for sports venues in the United States - from product production to sports field design, construction and maintenance. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. There are three factories, two construction sites and several points of sale.


Kelly Horn, Executive Director of the Arlington School District Facilities Services Department, said: “We used to work with Hellas and they did a great job. When the school district called, they could help in time. Hellas can always give Effective support and services, even the simplest ones.”


This time, Arlington School District will renovate nine junior high schools, including the need to re-plan and upgrade the sports fields in seven schools in order to add new runway systems; one school will need to re-plan and upgrade venues; and one school will be renovated. The original runway.


"Each school must build a runway so that children do not have to go to high school to practice. Time and transportation costs are greatly reduced," said Kelly Horn.


We want to provide more fun for children and accumulate more competitive sports experiences before they enter high school.”