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Plastic Runway Maintenance Eight Secrets
Aug 16, 2017

1. Avoid using in the maintenance period

The runway construction should not be immediately used! Plastic runway is not the former cinder runway, the material can be used on the shop!Plastic runway through the bottom of the paving, surface coating and other rigorous construction process. The construction must be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be used. To make sure the plastic track is solidified. Avoid shelling, bubbling, leaving, particles and other phenomena!

2. Professional use of professional venues

The runway is available for all-day use in the condition of drainage facilities.As a professional sports venue, plastic runway is only suitable for athletes training, competitions, student sports and exercise. Not suitable for other purposes!

3. Keep away from contaminants

Avoid contamination of harmful substances, such as corrosive liquids, so keep the runway clean regularly. Try to avoid carbonated drinks spilled on the runway!

4.avoid impact, pressure

Severe mechanical impact and friction, vehicles, cranes and other heavy machinery are strictly prohibited on the runway exercise. More can not heap pressure heavy objects and sharp items. (Running spikes should be properly put up!Heavy machinery, sharp objects, easy to make runway deformation, damage the runway structure. Shorten the runway life.

5.avoid too sharp damage to the runway

Athlete's spikes can not exceed 7 mm, upper generally no more than 11 mm, if the sneakers with a longer nail, it is not allowed to use on the plastic runway. Similarly, too long a shoe spike can cause serious damage to the runway.

6.away from the heat, fireworks

Avoid fireworks, isolate the heat source, eliminate cigarette butts fire and so on. Excessive heat will cause the plastic runway to drum and deform. In the event of fireworks and so on, the plastic runway will cause direct damage.

7.commonly used water washing and maintenance

Put into use, you can often rinse with water, after cleaning as soon as possible to sweep off the runway surface, you can use mop dry properly. Avoid stagnant water. Oil stains can be 10% ammonia or detergent, washing powder scrub clean.

8.Information Professionals found

Plastic runway edge should be protected, not arbitrary tilt, such as found teeth damage, blistering phenomenon should be timely notice to repair the construction unit.