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Roof Gardening Is More Suitable For Using Artificial Turf
May 07, 2018

We all know that  natural turf greening has a limited intensity of use. It is not  appropriate to hold more than five race events in one week, and it can  only be postponed in rain and snow weather. At the same  time, natural turf is not suitable for excessive non-competition  activities. For example, large-scale public activities cause great harm  to the lawn. In recent years, with the continuous renewal  of artificial turf construction technology and the development of fiber  materials and filler materials, it is an important way to solve the  problems of excessively high strength, extremely unfavorable growth  conditions, and the unacceptable growth of natural turf, which is not  suitable for establishing turf.

Artificial turf  technology content is extremely high, under the influence of the  lighting effects of the scene, the lush grass with the breeze,  accompanied by movements dancing briskly, and flowers bloom on the grass  face each other. It does not need to consume the necessary  fertilizers, water and other resources as the natural grass. It can  meet the high-intensity sports needs of 24 hours a day, and has simple  conservation, rapid drainage, and excellent site flatness. Due to the  very high production process requirements of artificial turf, In  addition, a variety of high-tech technologies are needed. Nowadays,  many sports venues, hotel decorations, green roofs, etc. have all been  laid on artificial turf and are being widely accepted by the general  public. In China, artificial grass products have experienced a period of rapid development. Since  2001, it has been accepted by only a few professional clubs. It has  been widely used in the construction of stadiums in most universities  and colleges, and more and more primary and secondary schools have  joined the ranks of users of artificial grass products. Has entered a new stage of unprecedented development.