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Shanxi Province Held A 《The Acceptance Criteria Of Artificial Grass Field》 Preparation Seminar
Nov 30, 2017

On the morning of November 25, Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, Sports Bureau, Bureau of Quality Inspection, Sports Facilities Industry Association of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi University of Architecture and Technology and other units jointly sponsored the Shaanxi Provincial " The acceptance criteria of artificial grass field " preparation seminar in the provincial sports Hotel held.


The meeting invited a total of 9 well-known enterprises from across the country, and invited to engage in artificial grass paving industry veteran to participate in this seminar. Participants in the industry sustainability and scientific concept of development as the principle of artificial grassland acceptance criteria and methods.



President of Shanxi Sports Facilities Industry Association pointed out that standardization can standardize the social productive activities, regulate the market behavior in Shaanxi, lead the economic development, promote the establishment of the best order and promote the technical coordination and coordination of products. The standard level marks the level of product quality, there is no high standard, there is no high-quality products. Let the stadium away from the " Poisonous grass " and "black rubber granules" poisoning, so that students, fitness people sweat in the stadium without worries.