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Spend $27 Million! New York Will Replace Artificial Turf In Eight Parks, No Longer Using Rubber Granules
Jan 01, 2019

New York City, on the other side of the ocean, will spend $27 million to replace the damaged artificial turf in eight parks.

New or rebuilt artificial grass sites in New York no longer use rubber particles as fillers.

The picture shows the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. There are two sites that need to be replaced with fake turf.

The 8 fake turf-making fake grass to be refurbished in New York City include: 5 venues in Queens (where the Flushing Meadows Corona Park has 2 venues) and 3 venues in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn .

Park Management Officer Mitchell Silver said in a statement: "We are pleased to announce that this grant will be used to replace some of the city's artificial grass fields. These venues are very popular but have been damaged."

Natural grasses require regular mowing, watering, fertilizing and sowing. In contrast, artificial turf is easier to maintain and has better elasticity. In addition, artificial turf is also suitable for a wide variety of sports.

In New York's large and small parks, there are 160 man-made lawns, including golf courses and playgrounds.

It is reported that the two venues to be refurbished - St. Michael's Playground in Woodside, Queens, and the Jacob Schiff Playground in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan - will be converted from artificially filled rubber granules to carpet-type artificial grass.

Last year, the Park Management Office set up an artificial turf maintenance team. The staff used special equipment to fill the piles, clean the garbage, remove graffiti, and unplug the weeds growing in artificial grass.

Thanks to this professional artificial turf maintenance team, they have been trained to repair these venues to ensure that the venue will be able to withstand kicks, tackles, etc. in the next few years, allowing the venue to be used longer.” Park Management Official Mitchell Silver said.