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Sports Wood Flooring To See What Factors
Aug 16, 2017

People who have seen NBA games know that the selection of its venues are professional sports wood flooring, belongs to a high-end wood flooring materials, because of its superior performance and noble quality achievements of the NBA game brilliant, become a large number of indoor venues, the domestic major sports wood flooring industry giants also aim at the market. have launched their own products, the face of a large number of materials, how to select it?

For imported sports wood flooring, can be directly selected according to the brand, and for domestic sports wood flooring, you need to pay attention to the choice.

Sport Wood Floor Classification

First you have to look at the panel, the panel is the most important part of the sport wood flooring, but also a symbol of the classification of sports wood floors. The import movement wooden floor Many are uses the Canadian Maple wood panel, this kind of material makes the panel should be the best. and domestic sports wood flooring generally selected northeast maple, and northeast Maple in the A and two northeast maple, specific mainly to the texture distinction.

Low-quality sports wood Flooring

Then look keel, low-quality sports wood floor will be used keel, this keel without fine treatment, let alone anti-corrosion, the use of this kind of sports wood flooring must have some trouble. and professional sports wood flooring is the use of anti-corrosion wood keel, its appearance and service life are rough wood can not be compared.

Finally, some details, such as the structure of the direct fixed way, elastic cushion rubber purity and so on.

The choice of floor needs to be careful, quality and price need to be considered synthetically.