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Stadium Sports Flooring Market A Protracted War On How To Develop To High-end Market
Aug 16, 2017

Ensure product quality is the premise of flooring enterprise development. In today's society, the floor industry is developing rapidly, the market competition is fierce, but no matter what kind of competition means, the quality of flooring products is a powerful weapon to increase the market competitiveness of flooring enterprises. Quality is the fundamental to ensure the long-term survival and development of enterprises, is the lifeline of enterprises. Only the concept, there is no product support, in fact, such marketing is not very meaningful. Product quality on the enterprise's marketing and development of the important role is self-evident, enterprises in the use of marketing success to attract audiences, how to convert it to the brand understanding and support, the key is also the quality of the product clearance.

Therefore, flooring enterprises should strictly follow the standardization of operation, strict adherence to product quality requirements, closely follow the concept of environmental protection and health concepts, to the market output quality products, with the quality of enterprise marketing support. Consumers are the ultimate participants and decision makers of the market, how to improve product quality, crack down on shoddy products, promote the healthy development of the industry, but also placed in every social responsibility of the floor of the enterprise before a difficult problem.

Product quality and marketing means, the two are complementary. Flooring enterprises should always adhere to ensure product health and environmental protection, be good at listening to the voice of consumers, to create a healthy home life of corporate responsibility and green, sustainable social responsibility of the organic combination, out of a healthy environment, so that consumers rest assured that the brand road.

Solid wood flooring is the ground decoration material formed after drying and processing. It has a natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of security features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Solid wood decorative style of simplicity, texture natural, in the forest coverage decline, vigorously advocating environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is more precious.

The weakness of the solid wood floor lies in the poor durability of damp and sunshine, the damp makes the natural wood swell, and the dry penetration will shrink, which leads to the gap or even buckling. The use of solid wood flooring for the processing of material requirements, so the market, solid wood warm is not no, but very few.

In this case, the wood flooring is more delicate, then how do we maintain it?

Wood flooring after the purchase and installation, the most important thing is the use of the day-to-day maintenance process. This can directly affect the floor life. There are some problems in the floor of daily life, most of them are made by improper maintenance of the floor.

In daily use, to keep the floor dry and clean, do not use a lot of water rinse, special attention is not to let the floor of the long-term local immersion in the water. If the floor is stained with oil, then the timely removal, you can use a gentle neutral detergent heating water treatment, do not use soap and water and other acidic liquids, but also can not use hot water such as high-temperature liquid to wipe the floor.

And it is best to put a cushion at the door to prevent the small granular stone scraping the floor, the solid wood floor often waxing can keep the floor luster, reduce the paint surface aging wear. When handling large furniture, you should lift the furniture instead of dragging it on the floor to avoid scratching the floor.

If there is an accident, the house leaking, the floor soaked in water for many years, then the first time is to clean the floor of the water, and then check, such as the floor cracks bubble phenomenon, to tell the floor dealer, the professional to open the floor, such as after drying in the installation.

In fact, as long as the daily use of attention to these points, wood flooring maintenance is very easy, and no one imagined so "fragile."

As people pay more and more attention to fitness and sports to raise body, to the sports venues of people are more and more, sports wood flooring is specialized for sports venues laid wood flooring, the use of High-tech antibacterial function, with super wear-resisting, pressure-resistant, convenient to move, easy to clean, easy to install and so on, sports performance is also more than other materials of the sports floor of a lot of strong, so that your space of activity more safe, healthy, green environmental protection. Why did the sports wood floor become a new favorite for flooring Let me introduce the sports wood floor is a kind of floor which separates from the movement floor, generally can divide into the movement wood floor, the plastic movement floor, acrylic motion floor, rubber floor, etc. let the sports floor circle scrape up a movement of the wood floor of the upsurge. As a of the sports wood flooring has just been known, to be able to sweep the floor in a short period of time, indicating that it has a lot of commendable place.

The movement wood floor has the very good absorption ability to the motion to produce the impact force. After the special processing, it has the good damping property, the characteristics of fouling resistance and long life cycle. At the same time in the process of moving wood flooring, the release of formaldehyde has been substantially reduced, and to ensure that no toxic substances. Ensure that indoor fitness can truly bring health. is a green environmental protection of the new sharp technology products.