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The 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition Opened Today! More Than 1,300 Exhibitors Hit A Record High
Dec 26, 2017

From December 26 to December 28, the 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition, co-organized by the China Education Equipment Industry Association, undertaken by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and co-sponsored by educational equipment trade associations of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, Coming soon in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair pavilion grand opening.

The exhibition will last for 3 days with nearly 8,000 exhibition booths, of which 7,000 are special booths, accounting for 87.5% of the exhibition area. The exhibition area is 150,000 square meters, an increase of about 40,000 square meters compared with the 72nd exhibition. More than 1,300 enterprises, more than the 72nd increase of more than 100. Booth area, booth number, exhibitors, etc. are the most previous. During the exhibition, it is expected to attract nearly 200,000 delegates from various educational administrations, bidding and purchasing departments, schools, educational equipment manufacturing enterprises and book publishing and distribution agencies to watch and learn.

In addition, the participating groups are also the most previous. All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as cities specifically designated in the state plan all exhibitors, purchasers and front-line teachers and other relevant personnel from the education sector to visit the exhibition. Taiwan and Hong Kong also organized delegations. Hong Kong Education Equipment Industry Association for the first time exhibitors, Taiwan is the fourth delegation to participate in the show.

This exhibition, led by Taiwan's Taiwan Strait Federation of Education, Taiwan organized 42 Taiwan enterprises, more than 600 educational equipment products and more than 200 delegates attended the largest exhibition ever.

At the same time, there are more and more educational equipment products from foreign brands. According to the preliminary understanding, there are more and more educational equipment products in France, Britain, Belgium, Japan, Germany, United States and other countries. The live webcast of this exhibition compared with the 72nd edition, in addition to live broadcast live on the opening ceremony, but also on the experimental lectures, new product launches, teacher famous summit and other activities live. At the same time, the organizers also equipped all-in-one equipment at the entrances of 17 exhibition halls to broadcast the real-time status quo of the key events of the exhibition and guide the audience to participate in the exhibition.

China Education Equipment Exhibition is a national professional exhibition of education equipment. It is the best platform for education equipment manufacturing enterprises to establish brand, promote products and trade exchanges. It is also an important platform to display new products, new technologies and new achievements in the education equipment industry. It is a high-end platform for all walks of life to understand the trend of education equipment industry, feel the pulse of innovation in the field of education equipment, and share the educational equipment product information. With the purpose of "display, communication, cooperation and development", the exhibition has become the largest educational equipment industry in China and even in the world with the functions of integrated marketing, supply and demand adjustment, technology promotion, gathering and trading, industry-university-research integration and industrial linkage. , The most influential, most professional brand exhibition.

314 exhibitors in Guangdong, exhibiting booths 2503, in addition to the traditional display of educational equipment and equipment, the vast majority of smart campus, the future classrooms, intelligent teaching overall solution, as well as intelligent, ARVR applications, a guest space, 3D Printing, nanotechnology, embodies the new, cutting-edge, cutting-edge technology applications IT products and intelligent products. In order to do a good job of the exhibition, Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau with clear, set up a special meeting of six conference to complete the conference.