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The Advantages Of Artificial Turf For Roof Greening
Jan 22, 2019

As everyone's awareness of environmental protection has increased, greening has become more and more important to the society. Whether it is public or private, greening is an important part of modern society. Human beings have also realized the importance of greening, especially large. The environmental greening of the city is even more urgent. Nowadays, it is not only a greening of the ground and vegetation, but also a lot of buildings like terraces, balconies, roofs and so on.


Roof greening is of great help to beautify the living environment of the city. Of course, there are more artificial turf for roof greening. Today, we will briefly introduce some of the benefits of fake grass for roof greening. The cost is low. Fake turf for roof greening is much less expensive than other materials. Generally, these artificial turfs cost about $15 a square meter. If other real grasses or other things are used, the cost is definitely much higher than that of artificial turf.


If you add future fertilization, watering, etc., the cost will be even greater. Simple maintenance. Artificial grass is different from real turf. It doesn't need to be watered every day, and it doesn't need to be cut, not to fertilize and maintain. It has greatly reduced the maintenance work in the later period. Roof greening of artificial turf can reduce the temperature of the top layer, thereby reducing power consumption, thereby making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


The roof greening of artificial turf can improve the heat island effect: it absorbs heat energy and helps to dissipate heat. To a certain extent, it plays a role of heat insulation. Under high temperature exposure, the roof artificial turf can reduce the amount of heat in the room and play a heat insulation effect. Therefore, the construction of the roof lawn is still very important. The roof lawn also has a certain sound insulation effect, especially the roof of the big city, the noise of the city is very large. Roof artificial turf can reduce some of the noise.