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The Artificial Turf That Was Laid Out Four Years Ago Was Stolen! The Hostess Was Shocked
May 29, 2018

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, in recent days, a British family used four-year-old artificial turf was stolen in the middle of the night, which surprised the owner, she shared in the social network of theft video also triggered the attention of the majority of users.


According to reports, the mistress Sue Scorer, 30, is the mother of two children. She wakes up in the morning and discovers that her artificial turf in front of her house was stolen late at night. She feels like she is Dreaming, and began to investigate this matter.


This incident of pilferage may have been committed by the gang, because other households in the community said that their artificial turf was stolen. It is reported that the price of artificial grass is 50 pounds per square meter.


Steller said that she has lived in the current house for 6 years. The fake grass in front of her house was built four years ago. At that time, a total of 3,000 pounds was spent, mainly to help his son play football without getting clothes dirty. She said: "I was shocked because the lawn has been covered for four years. It is not like buying a new one."


The camera of the neighbor of Style caught the thief stealing the lawn. The video shows that three people participated in the theft. Sterler shared this video with social networks and so far thousands of people have forwarded it.


Fortunately, there are already well-intentioned garden designers who have contacted her and expressed their willingness to change the artificial lawn and repair damaged fences for free. The police have stepped in to investigate this case of stealing the lawn.