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The Difference Between Artificial Turf And Carpet
Jul 03, 2018

Artificial turf and carpet have some things in common: 1. They are all produced by tufting machines, and can be classified as tufted carpets in terms of production process; 2. The yarns have color fastness requirements; Glue

The role of the door; 4, the width of the door is generally four meters or two meters; 5, generally in the package and so on. In addition to the above commonalities, they differ in roughly seven aspects:

1.Use the difference of the field

Fake turf is mostly used outdoors, such as sports fields, gardens, roofs, balconies, etc., while carpets are generally used indoors, such as hotel rooms, corridors, conference rooms, office buildings, waiting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, homes.

Court and so on.

2.Main performance is different

Artificial grass is used for outdoor use, so sunscreen, anti-aging and waterproof requirements are high, while carpets are used indoors, and the requirements for odor, combustion-supporting, and peeling strength of carpet back are relatively high.

3. Different styles

Compared with the carpet, the artificial grass has a wide needle spacing and is relatively rough. The carpet surface is mostly made of cut velvet. It is very simple, and the carpet has cut velvet, loop velvet, cut loop velvet, different styles, colorful flower-shaped blankets. Fine,

The quality requirements are much higher than artificial turf.

4. Different colors

The grass is mainly green, so the fake grass is based on the growth rules of natural grass all year round, and it is made around green. For example, the spring grass has olive green, yellow green, emerald green, etc. The autumn grass is represented by yellow and green. Conventionally

The blankets are colorful in color according to the needs of the occasion.

5. Different fabrics and villages

The lawn is mostly made of PP or PE. In addition to PP, the carpet is also made of wool, wool blend, nylon, polyester and other fabrics.

6. Blanket backs are different

The artificial lawn is coated with a layer of glue directly, while the tufted carpet is covered with a bottom back, such as gauze, jute, cloth back or non-woven fabric.

7. Different paving methods

The artificial lawn blanket is directly paved, the joint is covered with a seam cloth, and some sports grass is also sandblasted, a kind of quartz sand. The carpets are usually laid with rubber mats, carpets, wooden thorns around them, and receipts at the door.