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Type And Use Of Fake Grass Turf For Sport
Jul 04, 2018

Type and use of fake grass turf for sport

1.       Soccer turf


Artificial grass football is the earliest and most widely used type. The playground of the primary school,middle school and university, the street football field, the commercial football field, the large sports stadium and the professional competitive sports venues of all levels can lay the turf soccer field.It also can meet all kinds of sports performance requirements.

At present, the football grass is mostly made of monofilament and stem yarn.This form of grass yarn is better verticality,flexibility and wear resistance.It is more excellent in sports performance and similar as real grass, looks well.

2.       Other sports ground lawns


In addition to football fields, fake lawn grass also apply for many sports venues. Golf courses, gates,basketball courts, tennis courts,volleyball courts,baseball fields, rugby fields, hockey fields,cricket pitches, badminton courts and runway grasses,etc. all can lay a variety of monofilament grass,mesh grass,straight silk grass and curved grass.