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What Is The Height Of Artificial Turf On The Roof?
Sep 24, 2018

Many office buildings are covered with artificial grass and turned into a sky garden. The benefits of this are many. On the one hand, office workers in the office building have a place to relax and relieve the stress caused by intense work. In addition, they can also cooperate with urban greening. Adding to the improvement of the image of the city. Will artificial turf be placed on the roof, will it affect the waterproof? The answer is no.

Roof fake turf, height 10mm, 15mm can be divided into short grass, height 20mm, 25mm is mostly straight grass; the height of the lawn, manufacturers can be customized according to customer requirements, width is 2m and 4m This can not be changed, paved on the roof, can be cut into 2m when entering the elevator to enter the elevator; the length of the lawn is generally 25m, can also be customized, such as 23m, 24m, 30m, etc., but also Don't be too long, because the length of the roll will cause the weight of each roll to be too large.

Logistics distribution should ask whether the delivery address belongs to the area and the forbidden time, and plan in advance; in addition, because the artificial turf is relatively large, if you have no access to the elevator, you can use the crane. The artificial turf on the roof must be reserved for the drainage ditch to prevent subsequent problems caused by poor drainage. Like the banquet halls of many hotels, in order to achieve better visual effects, not only the artificial turf is laid on the ground, but also the fence is covered with artificial turf. The effect is very good. Many hotels have reflected a lot of traffic!