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When The Basketball Court Becomes The Canvas Of The Artist
Nov 23, 2017

It has a basketball court in the city of Ulster, Belgium, mural artist Katrien Vanderlinden created an eye-opening geometric figure. In order to complete the piece, the artist spent 137 liters of paint, so that the original venue is covered with brightly colored geometric figures.


He works through his collaboration with the Ulster Council Youth Club, which is a "colorful renovation" in his eyes. Located between a grammar school and a refugee center, the basketball court will be a great place for parties and children's play.

"I had to create in a geometric basketball court that was a natural canvas and I still had to keep the boundaries of the course," Vanderlinden said. "So people can both play basketball inside and kids can do it inside Own game, the color layout of the stadium is arranged in accordance with the Memphis style, Memphis style originated in the 1980s basketball and hip hop boom period.

The city is still capable of creating high-quality creative works without huge investment, and it is also a trend in the art world to create on the city's basketball courts. Some of the previous similar works include the pavement reform project in the pagalle district of Paris and the basketball field renovation project at KAW x NIKE, New York's stanton street.