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Why Choose An Non-filled Artificial Grass
Oct 04, 2018

The advantages of free-filled artificial turf are as follows

1. High density, good wear resistance and resilience: double the density of ordinary sports turf, better foot feel, longer service life, higher wear resistance and resilience

2. The construction of the football field is faster: the construction speed of the lawn is fast and the construction is convenient and fast.

3. It has the functions of earthquake resistance, moisture resistance and displacement prevention: the thickness of the lawn is improved, the shock absorption and moisture resistance are better, there is no auxiliary material, and there is no problem of unevenness and displacement.

4. The construction budget of the site is more economical: it is not necessary to fill the quartz sand and rubber particles after paving, and there is basically no follow-up maintenance problem.

5, paving more environmentally friendly: no smell, can be recycled, the temperature of the summer venue is reduced by 5-10 degrees compared to the ordinary field lawn, and no quartz sand and rubber particles are brought out

6. Mobile is more convenient: For specific venues, it can be easily disassembled and moved according to customer needs without affecting the use of other venues.