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Why Do The Artificial Turf Used In The Football Field Need To Be Filled?
Nov 22, 2018

1. Filling quartz sand: In addition to improving the elasticity of the site, the main role of quartz sand is to protect the grass fiber. Without the protection of quartz sand, artificial grass will soon fall off and wear under the high-intensity movement of football, so the amount of filling is appropriate. Quartz sand is indispensable, taking 50mm grass height as an example. The minimum filled quartz sand is not less than 25kg/m2, and the maximum can reach 35kg/m2. However, filling too much quartz sand will affect the filling of the particles, so filling 30kg/m2 is relatively moderate.

2.Filled rubber granules: particle filling should not be too small, many sites filled in 2-4kg / m2, this component can not cover even quartz sand, the performance of the site is of course not ideal. However, the rubber granules are not as good as possible. Too much is like running on the quilt. It is very difficult. It is recommended that the rubber granules be filled at a minimum of not less than 5kg/m2 and not more than 10kg/m2. Of course, with the increase of rubber granules. The amount of quartz sand to be filled should be appropriately reduced.