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Why Does The Basketball Court Install The Sports Wood Floor
Aug 16, 2017

Many people wonder why indoor basketball court more than sports wood flooring, we watch NBA/CBA quality competition, also can see their floor is sports wood floor, why all use wood floor, what advantage is it? What is a sports wood floor? Sports wood Flooring has three basic functions of motion, protection and technology, and there is a great difference between the sports wood floor and the wooden floor, the first is that the movement wood floor structure is complex, the level is more, the physical and mechanical properties of the material require higher. In addition, in the material selection requirements should be higher, sports wood flooring more use of maple panels.

Maple Wood Flooring Performance:

1, the rebound performance of the ball is good;

2, can effectively earthquake, reduce vibration, sound insulation;

3, Unique elastic cushion, for the hard maple flooring to provide unique flexibility and stress, reduce the athlete on the floor due to bounce caused by the earthquake injury.

Maple Wood to the tenacity of high and series first see, each maple floor size of 56mm wide, 22mm thick, length from 0.2m to 2.4m, with a special hook in the 64mm wide 38mm thickness of 1.2m long pine side, its bottom with elastic cushion, flat placed in the pre-paved 0.08mm thick Moisture-proof adhesive paper flat ground.